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Middle School 1 Athlete Training

This can be an awkward time in our youth’s life but developing their coordination and strength can bring out the best in them!

Flatlander’s primary focus is to teach proper mechanics, form, and technique. Our strength and conditioning program develops amazingly strong, powerful, explosive, agile and conditioned athletes while ensuring a safe learning curve. This program will give athletes an extra fitness edge. Our Strength and Conditioning program will make a difference on the field or court, in practice and more importantly, in the game!

In-Season Training - The key to keeping your competitive edge is training year round. Don't let your strength training gains suffer when you are working on your skills.

MIDDLE SCHOOL 1 ATHLETES – ages 10-14 **

Ongoing Training

Speed & Strength Training

Offered on:

Schedule change the week of August 8th

4:30pm - Monday & Wednesday

Summer schedule (June thru beg-August):

10:30am - 11:30am - Tuesday & Thursday

Membership Options:

2 Days per week - $135 every 4 weeks

1 Day per week - $80 every 4 weeks

(Register at the link below. Billing is every 4 weeks. Email info@flatlanderfitness.com to change/cancel membership)

**Middle School athletes may attend the High School Program if Coach determines that that program is a better fit for your child’s athletic development.**

Build confidence by doing more than their competitor. Tell us about your athlete.

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It’s truly something special.

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No matter what you are looking for in fitness, Flatlanders is the place. Blake, Sonia and Robert have extensive knowledge in fitness and overall health. They cover a lot of ground, from youth to “not so young” and ask all the right questions to help you achieve goals. I have been a member for just over 3 years. Both of my kids are also members, and their progress is evident in their respective sports. They continue to push themselves to get better. The love and support of the owners and members in this gym cannot be found anywhere else, it’s truly something special.
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- Dave