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Achieving & Exceeding Goals

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For some period of time I knew I needed to change my eating habits and both lose weight and change my body composition. In May of 2019 I finally made the commitment to do that in order to feel and look better for a special gathering of college classmates in Sep. Thus began a focused program with Robert to achieve that goal. Robert provided a simple meal plan, 24 hour access for questions, support and encouragement along with bi-weekly check-ins. With close monitoring, my plan was adjusted as required and allowances for holidays were encouraged. Who can celebrate July 4th without a beer and ribs. We not only met the initial goal, rather exceeded it and have maintained in spite of end of year holidays. By making this change, I have increased energy, maintained strength and find I am able to push harder in my workouts. Additionally, by working closely with Robert I am better positioned to maintain this transformation long term. Many thanks Robert for helping me make this change.
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- Pam

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