Date: Thursday, August 8

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none


4/4 Weighted Split Squats 30X1

Immediately followed by 

12 Dynamic Jumping Bulgarian Split Squats

Super Set: none

Conditioning: ‘You See Me Now”

For Time:

1000M Row

20 Hurdle Burpees H-Burpees to a box

40 Barbell Thrusters 45/25 (DBs 15/25)

*Minutes 10-14 back to the rower for 9/12 Calories EMOM

Guide: 7-10 min for the first portion. Done or not on min 10, begin row EMOM

Scale up:55/75

Coaching Notes: strength; 30X1 means, 3 seconds going down, 1 second coming up. Start with a db in a goblet position. Once you feel more comfortable, add weight by going to 2 DBs, holding them to the side. Go down as far as you can, maintaining good form. 

Conditioning; leave some energy in you for the first portion of the workout. Looking for a strong finish and maybe even going unbroken on all the thrusters at the end. 

Cash Out: 3x 200M Run + 12 rkbs 

HPT: 100 Banded Curl