Tuesday – September 19, 2017 – 170919
Context:   Practice
Dynamic Warm Up Option: 2 sets of: suitcase or oh carry 10-20m, 10 goblet squats, 10 push ups, 10 sit up. Then 5 inch worms and 3 Crab Bridges.
Mobility: Shoulder
Skill Practice Warm Up: Perform 3 sets of L-sit 10-30s long each, use paralettes or rings.
Strength: 3-3-3-3-3 Push Press (5 sets of 3 reps, increase weight with each set to max)
Super Set: 3-3-3-3-3 weighted pistol or pistol progression
Metabolic Conditioning:You Be Illin’
5 Rounds for time.
12 Wall Ball (Health: 10lb/8ft, Athletic: 14lb/9ft*, Performance: 20lb/10ft)
12 Toes to bar
*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)
Scaling Guide: 4.5 – 9 minutes, about 1:30 per round. Scale Up: 30/20lb ball and 1 bar muscle up for every 3 toes to bar.
Coaching Tips: Aim to finish every round of wall ball unbroken for as long as you can. Split the toes to bar up a bit more, even in the early rounds. If you are feeling good on the later rounds, shoot for bigger sets on the toes to bar, but don’t do it if you risk ripping your hands.
Compare to: CrossFit.com Classic!– BTWB Results here (last done 3/20/17)
Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 100m farmer carry, 200m run, 3 rounds OR 4 sets of 10 single arm db bench press super set with 10 glute ham raises
“By the Numbers” Book References: Wall Ball p. 430, Toes to Bar p. 434