Date: Tuesday, July 30th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none


A1. Pendlay Rows 5×6 Increasing (10 Minutes)

EMOM6 Alternating Odd/Even Minutes

B1. Max Push-ups unbroken go to failure (10 rep minimum Band Assisted)

B2. 3 Arch/Hollow Swings + 3 Kipping Pull-Ups X 2 

Conditioning: “Water Ship Down”


Minute 1)  8/5 Strict Pull-Ups

Minute 2) 10 DB Rollback Triceps Extension (floor)

Minute 3) 20 Renegade Rows (same)

Minute 4) 100’ Suitcase carry (50’ each arm ) AHAP

Guide: Work Consistent 

Scale up: Weighted Pull-Ups

Coaching Notes: 

Strength; Return each rep to the floor on the pendlay rows. Take that time to brace your core and reset. Looking for a quick pull off the ground maintaining a neutral spine. Increase weight as long as form allows. Push ups can be done from the knees as well. 

Conditioning; Work consistent. Use bands if needed on the pull ups, but keep them strict. On the renegade rows, keep your feet outside your shoulders, DBs inside your shoulders. Before you pull with one hand make sure to actively press down with the other. Focus on keeping the hips squared to the floor. 

Cash Out: 5 rounds of “Cindy” 

HPT: 3x  6 chin ups + 12 weighted lunges