Veggies For Breakfast

Veggies for Breakfast

Eating veggies is a super important part of being healthy and vibrant – but you likely know that already. So, do you eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? How about veggies for snacks? A lot of people who I talk with have a hard time eating enough veggies each day…but they don’t start eating them until lunch or dinner. Why not add some veggies to your morning so you can help your body detox, grow new cells, create energy, and basically help you feel your best?

Some people (like me) might be totally cool with eating dinner leftovers for breakfast. It’s super easy and takes almost no time to prepare, and dinner is notorious for being a well balanced meal, so why wouldn’t I want it for breakfast? Okay, eating cereal or pancakes might sound more fun but what’s really fun is feeling energized and healthy so you can crush your other goals in life. That doesn’t have to mean dinner leftovers for breakfast though. There are lots of other ways to pack your breakfast full of veggies, which means lots of feel-good nutrients.

Here are just 10 suggestions:

Once you start making some choices beyond your cereal bowl, you’ll likely adjust and find you actually like a more nutrient-dense breakfast full of veggies. Keep an open mind and have fun experimenting with something new!