Date: Monday, May 20th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: Pull-Up Progressions

Min 1: :30sec Hollow Hang

Min 2: 10 Scap raises

Min 3: 10 Arch to Hollow

Min 4: 10 Arch to Hollow with pop

Min 5: 5 Arch to hollow + 1-10 Pull ups (Take the Arch to hollow right into the pull-ups)

Min 6: (Same)

**If you DO NOT have a strict pull up, complete on min 5-6, 5 Arch to Hollow + 10 banded STRICT Pull ups with the smallest band possible.

Strength: Time Trial 2 x 500 M Row

*Rest 3 min in between efforts.

** All out effort.  Record both times and the total on the glass board.

Super Set: None

Conditioning: Uncle Jesse

8 min AMRAP

3 Strict Pull ups H-Banded pull ups

6 Bootlegger burpee

9 Dumbbell squat 15/30/45

Guide: 4-7 rounds

Scale up:

weighted pull ups with same DB

Coaching Notes: On the pull ups, try to complete all 3 unbroken, if you need a band, grab the smallest one that will help you do so. Start at a pace you know you can maintain, and expect to pick it up in the last 90 sec. When popping up from the floor on the bootlegger burpee, go straight into a runners stance. One foot out in front. Push your pace on this one and have fun.

Cash Out: 5 min – 50 singles /10 ring row

HPT: 3 sets -10 barbell curls / 1 min wall sit