Date: Thursday, May 30th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none

Strength: EMOM Complete 1 Rep.  Clock should run from 0:00 to 15:00.  Add weight as desired.

Min 1-5, Hang Power Clean from the hip

Min 6-10, Hang Power Clean from above knee

Min 11-15, Power Clean (Floor)

Strength: Super Set: none

Conditioning: 5 Rounds For Time: “Tramp Stamp”

100m sandbag run

10 K2E H: strict knee raise

100m sandbag run

5 HPC + 5 Front Squats 55/85/115

<Rest 1 min>

Guide: 3-4 min per round, rest included. 14-20 min total

Scale up:
5BMU over K2E

Coaching Notes: Strength: Start with a light barbell, use the first 5 min as a warmup, then gradually increase the weight as desired. Use this time to get more comfortable on the clean. In particular, getting under the bar quickly.

Metcon:  First come first serve on the sandbag. Weights vary from 45lbs-80lbs.

Carry behind the neck on the run. On the K2E, try to push down on the bar to help your knees get closer to the elbow. Barbell for the workout should be light enough to do unbroken reps.

Cash Out: 3x: 25 cal row / 10 burpees over rower

HPT: 3x:10 barbell rollouts  / 12 seated bicep curls DB