Date: Tuesday, May 14

Warm-Up & Mobility:  coaches choice

Skill: none

Strength: RDL’s from the rack. 5-5-3-3-3

Super Set: 3-5 Strict Ring Dips (turn rings out at the top)

Scale w/ partial range of motion ring dips or ring supports 10-20 seconds

Conditioning: “traction”

5 RFT with 20 min time cap. Complete 10 TNG Deadlifts (Same) EMOM until min 20.

5 Curtis Press (35/65/95)

15 Hand release push ups H: From the knee

200m run

Guide: 13-18 min, 3 min per round roughly.

Scale up: 105/155

Coaching Notes: Plan to finish around the 15 min mark. Take your time in the Curtis press and make every rep smooth. Especially on your first few reps as this may be a new movement for most. Complete your HRPU just behind your bar to stay organized and remember to run hard and quick, but save some gas to speed up on the final round.

Cash Out: 4 min

8 American KBs

12 ring row

HYP: EMOM5: 8-12 GHR