Date: Thursday, June 6th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill:  8-10 KB Long Cycle Clean and Press EMOM for 5 Minutes

Strength: 5 Sets – Barbell Good Mornings 6 Reps

Super Set:  12 Banded Pull-downs

Conditioning: “Toxic Masculinity”

Every 3:30 for 14 min:( 4 rounds)

Row 25/30 cal
5 Manmakers 15/30/45

8 Pull ups H: Banded pull ups

Guide: rest about 30sec – 1 min per round

Scale up: C2B pull ups

Coaching Notes: Skill: focus on good form during the kb clean and press. During the strength, If the good mornings are uncomfortable, do them from a seated position.

Conditioning, start with a strong row, getting your cals should be no more than 1:30. Move relatively quickly through the manmakers and pull ups to give you enough time to rest.

**If we have more than 9 people in class, go conga line style on the 2 min mark.

Cash Out: Foam Roll

HPT: Foam Roll