Date: Monday, May 6th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: None

Strength: Deload Week – Bench Press 10-8-6

*Push the weight but make sure you are able to hit the reps for each set.

**3rd Set – Go for max reps – Be sure to hit the minimum of 6

Super Set: 8 DB RDLS and Spot your Partner.

Conditioning: “touch n go”

500m row

30 RKBS 26/35/53

30 Single Arm KB Floor Press (Switch arms as desired)

400m row


20 KB Floor Press

300m row


10 KB Floor Press

Guide: 10-16 min

Scale up:

53/70 lb KB

Coaching Notes: Row quick, but only about 80%effort, leave enough gas in the tank to get off the rower, and be able to go unbroken on the KBS. Keep the elbows in tight for the floor press and finish with the bell over the shoulder. Pace the work so you can finish the last round with a sprint on the rower. As for the kbs, use your hips to swing the kb and keep a straight back. If form starts to fall, rest and go to a lighter KB to keep you going.

Cash Out: 3x 10 GHD sit-ups / 50 DU or 100 singles