Date: Wednesday, July 3

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: 2 TGU  EMOM5  

Strength: Work to a Heavy Farmer’s Carry for 200’ and complete 3sets

Super Set: None

Conditioning: “Tight Squeeze”

2 cycles of 7AMRAP 

<Rest 2 min in between cycles >

3 Clean and jerks 55/75/115 

9 Pull ups H: jumping pull ups 

18 DB hang snatch  15/30/45 

Guide: 2.5-4.5 rounds per cycle 

5-9 rounds total 

Scale up:



Coaching Notes: conditioning; weights on the bar should be light enough to allow you to complete 3 clean and jerks within 10-15sec. Touch and go if you feel like you can maintain that style for the whole workout. Pull ups can be strict, kipping or butterfly. On the db hang snatch, no need to alternate every rep, recommended is 9/9. Keep the db close and remember to drop under the db avoiding the exhausting press out. 

Cash Out: 3x Row 250 <Rest 1 min> 

HPT: 15 banded pull downs EMOM5