Monday – May 7, 2018 – 180507

Context:  Competition – Pushing hard when there is a minute rest built in.

Dynamic Warm Up Option: 200m jog throwing medicine ball with partner or 2 min jump rope, then 3 rounds of 8 ring rows, 8 push-ups, 8 ring rows, 8 spiderman lunges (4 per side), Then 3 sets of 4 with an empty bar: straight legged deadlifts, hang muscle clean, thruster

Mobility: Hip

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10 minutes working on 3-4 sets of GHD sit up progressions or strict toes to bar progressions.

Strength: none

Super Set: none

Metabolic Conditioning: “Testify

For time. 5 rounds

12 back squats (Health: 55lb / Athletic: 85lb* / Performance:135lb)

8 chest- to-bar pull-ups (Health: band assisted)

12 dumbbell hang power snatches -one hand, switch hands as desired- (Health: 20lb / Athletic: 30lb* / Performance: 45lb)

12 “Bootlegger Burpees” – burpee + 20-foot shuttle run, must face your lane (no laying down sideways)

1 min rest

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 20 – 30 min, about 5 min per round including the rest. Scale Up: 155/105lb bar, 5/4 bar muscle ups instead of c2b, 53/35lb kb hang power snatch

Compare to: June 5, 2017

Coaching Tips: Bar starts on the ground (always unless otherwise stated), keep the chest up and do these as ‘high bar’ so that your lower back doesn’t blow up. Do big sets of chest-to-bar on the first round but break them up often later on to avoid possibly tearing your hands. Remember that chest-to-bar is more about the legs and hips popping up than about the arm pull. Alternate hands as desired on the hang snatches but consider switching often to save the grip on later rounds. Move fast on the running part of the bootlegger burpees because of the minute rest!

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: none

“By the Numbers” Book References: Clean p. 404, Back squat p. 171, Snatch p. 447, Burpee p. 415