Talking to Teens About Food!

Talking to Teens About Food! (or to people really confused about food)

One HUGE thing that we need to remember with teens: Their BIGGEST fear is being made fun of and ostracized by their peers!

If they start trying to eat different from their friends, turning down junk food, etc., it is likely that their friends will make some jokes and they will immediately give in to social pressures.

Start with basic information:

  1. What is a protein, a carb, and a fat.
  2. A ‘meal’ must have protein, and 3 ‘meals’ a day is important.
  3. Always aim to eat foods that provide nutrients as much as possible.
  4. One of the most critical: Food is directly tied to how you feel and your energy levels. If you get a stomach ache, a headache, have skin issues, have mood issues… the first thing you should do is think about what you ate before.

After these lessons have been learned, you can start layering in some habits.

I’ve had success with having the kids get into the habit of preparing a good breakfast and a good lunch the night before (because we know they won’t wake up early and do it). These meals should be very high in protein to offset any ‘bad’ foods they may consume with their friends or when they don’t have any other options.

Good luck!

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