St. Basil’s

Thursday – October 12, 2017 – 171012
Dynamic Warm Up Option: Coach’s Choice
Mobility: Shoulder
Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working up to a heavy jerk (80-90%) out of the rack, or perform 4 reps on the minute for 5 min (at 50-60%)
Strength: none
Super Set: none
Metabolic Conditioning: “St Basil’s”
5 rounds for time.
4 ‘heavy’ jerks (Health: 65lb / Athletic: 95lb* / Performance: 155lb)
8 goblet squat (Health: 35lb / Athletic: 53lb* / Performance: 70lb)
12 ‘heavy’ Russian kettlebell swing (Health: 35lb / Athletic: 53lb* / Performance: 70lb)
200m run OR 10 reps of a 20′ out and back shuttle run (no line touch needed)
1 minute rest
*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)
Scaling Guide: 11 – 17 min, about 3:30 per round including the rest. Scale Up: 185/115lb jerks, and 20 reps Russian kb swings per round.
Compare to: March 2, 2017
Coaching Tips: The barbell must start from the floor. ‘Heavy’ Jerks should be about 60-75% of your 1 rep max for this workout.  Push jerk and split jerk are both acceptable. Being able to transition straight from the goblet squat into the swings will save a bit of time.  For the swings, the cycle time can be made faster by pulling the kettlebell down (this will raise the intensity as well). Push the pace on the sprint at the end, especially if you are doing the shuttle run. Don’t let yourself ‘cruise’ since there is forced rests.
Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: none
“By the Numbers” Book References: Push Jerk p. 424, Kettlebell Swing p. 277, Run p. 269