Date: Tuesday, June 4th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill:  none

Strength: Bench Press 10-8-6  Warm up to approx. 70% of 1RM.  Increase weight each set and go for max reps up to 10 reps on the final set.

Super Set: Six Single leg sandbag glute bridge.  6 per side.

Conditioning:  “Soup’s On”

5 Rounds For Time

  1. 10 DB Bench Press (AHAP)
  2. 200 M Row
  3. 10 Tall Burpees (H-30s Plank)
  4. 200 M Run

*Start at any exercise and proceed in numerical order.


Scale up: none

Coaching Notes: Challenge yourself on the db bench, pick a heavy set of DBs, shoot for unbroken sets. Set a goal for all of your runs, and try to keep everyone as consistent as possible. Prior to starting make sure to understand and even practice a few tall burpees, as its new to most.  

Cash Out: 5Min: 10 wall-balls/10 k2e

HPT: 3x DB single arm row 8L/8R / 1 min plank on rings