Date: Friday, July 12th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none

Strength: DB Bench Press 5×8 (AHAP)

Super Set: 5/5 Sandbag Lateral Lunge

Conditioning: “Short Line”

4 rounds/4 Stations @ :90sec perstation 

1) 5 V-ups + 10 Hollow Rocks +20 Mountain Climbers  

2) Row Cal 

3) Farmer’s Carry 

4) Bike  Cal 

*Start at any station, work in numerical order

Guide: –

Scale Up: –

Coaching Notes: No rest in between the stations on the workout. We recommend you stop a few seconds short of the 90sec to get in position to start the next movement as soon as the clock beeps. Encouraged to go ‘heavy’ on the farmer carry. On both the rower and bike, shoot for a specific number on the cal that you can maintain throughout all 4 rounds. 

Cash Out: Foam Roll

HPT: –3x 15 Banded Tricep Press + 8 Barbell Curls