Saturday – March 16, 2019 – 190317
Context: Practice – Burpees and deadlifts are workouts where you must put extra attention on your form (to protect your back).
Dynamic Warm Up Option: 200m run with medball or 2 min jump rope, then 3 rounds of 8 squat jumps, 8 push-ups, 5 deadbug extensions (each side)-, 5 spiderman lunges (each side). Then 5,4,3,2,1 of each with an empty bar: deadlift, hang power clean, front squat, push press, back squat
Mobility/Activation/Prehab: Hip
Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10 minutes working up to a challenging deadlift or axle deadlift (80-90%) or perform 5 reps on the minute for 5 minutes (50-60%).
Strength: none
Super Set: none
Metabolic Conditioning: “Shamrocks and Snakes”
AMRAP in 17 min
12 deadlifts (Performance: 55lb/ Athletic*: 85lb/ Health: 135lb) or 16 with dbs (20lb/35lb*/50lb)
6 jerks (same) or 10 with dbs (same)
40′ burpee broad jump (see description below)
30s rest
*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)
Scaling Guide: 5 – 9 rounds, about 2:30 per round including the rest. Scale Up: 95/155lb bar
Compare to: NEW WORKOUT!
Coaching Tips: Start the burpee broad jump by putting your hands behind the starting line and then squatting down placing your palms just in front of your toes, kicking your feet back. As you come up, bring your feet as close as possible to your hands and initiating the broad jump. After landing, repeat the ‘squat-down-palms-to-toes-feet-back’ for the next rep. There is no ‘falling forward’ or ‘reaching’ (the legs must always be kicked ‘backward’). Keep the bar close on the deadlifts and make sure you finish each rep with full extension at the top. Make sure you use your hips for both parts of the jerk to save the shoulders for later rounds of burpees.
Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: None.
“By the Numbers” Book References: Deadlift p. 151, Push Jerk p. 424