Date: Monday, April 15th

Warm-Up: coaches choice

Skill: None

Strength: Bench Press 3×3

    Set 1 perform 3 reps with approx 70% of 1RM

    Set 2 add weight and perform 3 reps

    Set 3 add weight and perform 3 reps up to 10 reps

*if time allows perform 3×10 drops sets @ 40-50% of heaviest set of 3

Super Set: There will not be a super set during the bench press strength focus.  Spot one another and help with loading and unloading the barbell.


Conditioning: “Salad Days”


8 DB push press (15/30/45)

16 sit-ups

200 m run

Guide: 5-9 rounds

Scale up:


12-16 GHD sit-ups

Coaching Notes: Pick a weight for the DBs that you can perform unbroken and remember to keep your core tight, if you overextend the low back, the weight is most likely to heavy. Make sure to keep your hips down when performing the sit-up to avoid burning the low back, and use your hands to help swing your way up! Finish every run with a pace you can maintain throughout the whole workout.