Date: Monday, June 3rd

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: None

Strength: 5 minute front squat warm-up.  Warm up to 60% of 1RM.

Strength 1: Min 1-10 Start a 24 minute clock and perform 2 Front Squats E2MOM for the first 10 minutes.  (From the Rack) Add weight as desired.

Strength 2: Min 10-18   Front Rack 12” Box Step Ups 5 per side every 2 minutes for 8 Minutes.  Work from the same rack as your front squats.  (AHAP)

Strength 3: Min 18-24 Front Rack KB 20’ Carries for 60 seconds.  3 Rounds. Rest 1 to 1.

Conditioning: 8 AMRAP “Rocket Man”

12 V-ups  H: Single leg V ups, alternating  

18 Goblet Squats 26/35/53 (Sub goblet squat)

Lateral shuffle W/ line touch (3 round trip 16ft down, 16ft back)

Guide: 3-6 rounds

Scale up:

10 Single Arm KB Thrusters

Coaching Notes:  For the strength, add weight by feel, make smart jumps on the front squat. If the weight gets heavy you can maintain across the remaining sets. On the step ups, keep the same front rack position, elbows high and your midline engaged. Make sure you have a box by your rack so you don’t waste time setting up when it’s needed. For the conditioning, keep a progression on the v ups that you can maintain for at least 3 rounds. As for the kb thruster, make sure to rotate the arm depending on the position. In the front rack , palm faces you, at the top, palm faces away. Modify accordingly.

Cash Out: 4x Row 300m <Rest 1 min>

HPT: 3x 12 DB lunges / 1 min wall sit