Ready or Not

Friday – January 5, 2018 – 180105

Context: Practice –  Protecting the back on rowing and db ground to overhead

Dynamic Warm Up Option: “St Petersburg” Kb Warm Up Flow – 100′ suitcase carry each arm, 100′ oh carry each arm, 2L/2R Turkish Get up, 12 Russian swings, 8 (4 per side) front rack or overhead squat, 30s floor scap stretch, 30s psoas so good stretch, 2 rounds – Video Here.

Mobility: Shoulder

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working on skin the cats and progressions. Video Here

Strength: 5 x 3 Push Press 4 of 11 (5 sets of 3 reps at 75-85% of max)

Super Set: 5 x 5 single leg deadlift with two dumbbells

Metabolic Conditioning: “Ready or Not

In 7 minutes.

500m Row then max rounds:

8 dumbbell ground to overhead – two dumbbells – (Health: 15lb / Athletic: 30lb* / Performance: 45lb)

Kipping Ring dips (Health: 6 ring push-ups / Athletic: 4* / Performance: 6)

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 3 – 6 rounds, about 1:20 per round after the row. Scale Up: 4/2 ring muscle ups instead of ring dips.

Compare to: July 19, 20167

Coaching Tips: The row can crush you if you don’t pace it correctly.  Plan on being able to get off the rower and go right into the dumbbell ground to overhead. The two-handed snatch style and the clean and jerk style are both acceptable. Use your hips as much as possible to get the dumbbells overhead to save your shoulders for the dips.  Make sure you keep the elbows back and thumbs forward on the dips.  Stay away from that internal rotation!  Break up the dips more if needed.

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 100m farmer carry, 12 thrusters, 5 minutes, OR 3 sets of 10 neutral grip chin ups in a superset with 12 Bulgarian split squats

“By the Numbers” Book References: Clean p. 404, Power Clean p. 368, Push Jerk p. 4424, Split Jerk p. 470, Muscle Clean p. 313, Clean Variants p. 496, Ring dip p. 363