Date: Thursday, August 1st

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none

Strength: Power Clean 1RM

Sets will go 3-3-2-2-1+ (Rest 2 minutes between sets)

Technique Option 8-10 sets or 2-3 reps adding weight as form permits

Conditioning:  “Pulling Gs”

  AMRAP6 for rounds + reps

10 Clusters 65/95/115 (Modify with Power Clean + Front Squat)

10 Burpees H- Burpees to a Box

*DBs are an option as well @15/25/35

Guide: 2-4 rounds

Scale up: AMRAP6 for reps  

Clusters 105/155 – Steady Singles @ high effort *NO BURPEE

Coaching Notes: Strength; If you are working up to a 1RM. Start your working set at roughly 60-70%. Make jumps based on feel especially early on. Regarding the actual power clean, speed is the name of the game. Focus on being quick going from above the bar to under the bar as you warm up. 

Conditioning; Pick a weight that you can do consistently. Its a 6 min AMRAP so you don’t need to waste time huffin and puffin just looking at your bar. Feel free to drop from the top if you have more than 1 10 on each side for the clusters. As far as the burpees, stay engaged and do not ‘peel’ off the ground.

Cash Out: Foam Roll