Date: Tuesday, August 13

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none

Strength: 5x 3 Push Press (Work to a Heavy Triple)

Super Set: 5/5 Bodyweight Reverse Deficit Lunge (Hold DBs of desired)

Conditioning: “Pinwheel”


Station 1 – 45 second Cal Row

Station 2 – 45 second Strict HSPU or  Strict DB Press

Station 3 – 45 second Box Jumps 12/20/24

Station 4 – 45 second 100M Recovery Jog

Guide: Hard efforts for the :45 window. Be smooth on the transitions. On the box jumps, work on developing power, jumping up, stepping down. 

Scale up: 

Coaching Notes: Strength; Work to a heavy set of 3 if the body allows, if not stay at a manageable weight across all working sets. While performing the push press, start with your feet about shoulder with apart. As you dip, keep an upright torso and keep the bar connected. As you drive upward, use your legs as much as you can, reaching the lockout position. 

Cash Out: 5 rounds, 30sec sprint on bike, rest pedal 90sec

HPT: 100 banded curls, break up as needed