Open 16.2

Thursday – December 28, 2017 – 171228

Context: Competition  – Do the highest level you can (safely), then change the format to get a longer workout.

Dynamic Warm Up Option: 10 toy soldiers leg swings per leg, 10 squat jumps, 10 monkey swings on the pull up bar, then 3 sets of 5: straight leg deadlifts, hang muscle clean, front squats, shoulder press

Mobility: Hip

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working up to a challenging pause squat clean – 3 sec pause just below the knee – (80-90% effort), or perform 3 reps each minute for 6 minute at 50-60%.

Strength: None.

Super Set: None.

Metabolic Conditioning: “Open 16.2ish”

For reps – 4 rounds

1 min max toes-to-bar

1 min max double unders – 5 DUs count as 1 ‘rep’

1 min max squat cleans (Health: 55lb / Athletic: 85lb* / Performance: 135lb) – cleans count for 3 ‘reps’ each

1 min rest


CrossFit Games Open 16.2

20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

25 Toes-to-bars

50 Double Unders

15 Squat Cleans (men: 135lb / women: 85lb)

25 Toes-to-bars

50 Double Unders

13 Squat Cleans (men:  185 / women: 115lb)

25 Toes-to-bars

50 Double Unders

11 Squat Cleans (men: 225 / women: 145lb)

25 Toes-to-bars

50 Double Unders

9 Squat Cleans (men: 275lb / women: 175lb)

25 Toes-to-bars

50 Double Unders

7 Squat Cleans (men: 315lb / women: 205lb)

Note: Start with a 4 min time cap, every time you finish the Squat Cleans add 4 minutes to your time cap. Stop at 20 mins.

(Open 16.2, if you can’t hit the round you are on, log where you stopped, then keep going on the next minute using the above format)

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: For “16.2ish” 100 – 160 ‘reps’. 5 double unders = 1 ‘rep, 1 clean = 3 ‘reps’.

Compare to: February 2, 2017 OR 16.2

Coaching Tips: If you are unsure if you will be able to get past the first round of the Open 16.2 version, plan on making an attempt at it. At 4 minutes, if you haven’t broken through to the next round, start the second round of 16.2-ish and finish the last three rounds with the time caps. If you are starting with 16.2-ish variation, be careful to avoid doing too many toes to bar on the earlier rounds (everyone should stop at 25). Shoot for 50 double unders if you can. Take your time on the cleans and stick with good form.

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: NONE

“By the Numbers” Book References: T2B p. 434, Double Unders p. 213, Cleans p. 404