Date: Tuesday, July 2

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: Pendlay Rows (5 minutes to work on technique – sets of 5)

Strength: Bench Press 8-8-5-3-3

*Increase as desired 

Super Set: Spot

Conditioning: “Oklahoma”

Station Rotation every :90sec for 18 minutes (3rounds) 

*Start at any station

1) Run 200m 

2) DB Bench Press AHAP *Minimum 10 reps 

3) 1 minute plank rotations (elbows to hand) 

4) Pronated inverted row 12-15 reps  

Guide: rest the remainder of the 90sec

Scale up: 

Wear a Vest 

Coaching Notes: Strength; make sure to have a spotter, push the weights by feel. Ideally you are starting around 60-70% then increasing weight per set. Rest accordingly. 

Conditioning; Each movement will have a 90sec window. Treat the run more of a sprint, db bench, go as heavy as you can while maintaining good form and still complete 10 reps minimum. Keep the hips square on the plank rotations by spreading your feet apart. Pronated row, keep the hands where you would for a push press. Pull till you make contact with the bar, If you notice your -*form starts to break, do several small sets. 

Cash Out: 5 min: 20 cal bike + 10 db push press 

HPT: 3x 10 strict pull ups + 12 seated arnold press