Date: Tuesday, May 21st

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: None

Strength: Bench Press 5 x 5. Warm up to approx. 70% of 1RM.  Increase weight each set and go for max reps up to 10 reps on the final set.

Super Set: None

Conditioning: No soup for you!

4 Rounds at Four Stations – Rotate every :45 seconds

1) 15 Strict press w/ DBs 15/25/35  

2) 12 Abmat sit-ups

3) 15 Ring Rows

4) 12 Lateral Hurdles

*Start at any station but rotate in order.  Work Quickly

Guide: Pick a number of reps you want to reach, and stick to it throughout all rounds. KEEP MOVING.

Scale up:


T2B instead of situps

Coaching Notes: Anticipate quick transitions, and lots of activity. Try and invest as much of your time to be working, as its only :45 at a time. Keep the intensity high and transitions smooth.

Cash Out: 3x 12 Hand release push ups / 30 cal row

HPT: 3 x 12 banded tricep pulls / 8/8 single arm DB bench press