Date: Monday, Aug. 5th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: None


Push Press 3×3

Push Jerk  3×2

Split Jerk 3×1

*Increase weight based on feel 

Super Set: none

Conditioning: “More Than This”

4 Rounds for Time

400 M Run

10 Single Arm DB Push Press R 25/45 (Hold 2 DBs)

10 Single Arm DB Push Press L 25/45 (Hold 2 DBs)

15 RIng Dips / Jumping Ring Dips or Ring Push Ups

Guide: 15-20 min 

Scale up:



Coaching Notes: 

Strength; focus on going straight to lockout on the jerks. Keep your torso upright on the dip and stay connected to the bar. Dipping to quick can cause for the bar to crash on your shoulders and put you in a disadvantageous position. 

Metcon; long metcon, break up the reps early to avoid muscle burnout. Keep a steady pace on the run and save your efforts for the last round. 

Cash Out: 3x 10 DB Bench press + 30du/60 singles <Rest 90 seconds>

HPT: 3x, 10 skull crushers + 20 banded pull aparts