Date: Tuesday, July 9th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none

Strength: Pendlay Rows 6×5

Super Set: Single leg DB DL 6/6 

Conditioning:  ‘Mill Stone”

800 M Run

<Rest 1 Minute>

3 Rounds FT 


6 Scotty Bobs 15/25/35 H: 12 DB Rows

12 Strict hanging knee raise

6 DB G2O

Cash Out: 800M Run

Guide: roughly 4-6 min per 800m 

7-12 min for the 3 rounds 

*23 min Cap*

Scale up:  12 HRPU then 6 HSPU

Coaching Notes: Go for a hard effort on your first run knowing you’ll have 1 minute rest when you come back in. lots of pressing in the workout so break up your sets early and often. On the strict hanging knee raise, maintain your feet in a hollow position at the bottom, and by contracting the abs the knee rises above the hip crease. Don’t allow your feet to come behind your body at the start of each rep. 

Cash Out: 3x 30 cal row + 15 ring rows 

HPT: 3x 12 hammer curls + 12 arnold press