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Blake Murray

I first learned of CrossFit in the summer of 2007. A friend of mine clued me into the CrossFit website where WODs (Workout of the Day) were posted daily. I was intrigued by the idea of stringing different exercises together with little or no rest in between. For the next few months, I poured over exercise and workout demonstrations from and with some success tried to replicate them in the globo gym where I trained. Instantly, I enjoyed the “old school” approach of CrossFit – No Machines just free weights and body weight. For the first time since college I was performing deadlifts! Going to the gym became fun again I would never be able to return to the same old nauseating- 3 sets of 10 reps – back and biceps – chest and triceps – leg day routine.

Over the years, several CrossFit affiliates opened in the Reno/Sparks area and I finally made the decision to attend some classes at CrossFit Sparks Elite in Sparks, NV. My wife, Sonia, joined shortly thereafter and started doing the workouts with me. The CrossFit WODs quickly became the highlight of our day and a frequent topic of conversation between us. We made fast friends with fellow athletes at Sparks Elite and appreciated their commitment to making CrossFit accessible to all fitness levels and most importantly – Fun!

We share this same commitment at CrossFit 333. If fitness is the goal, we believe the best medium for obtaining that goal is through the CrossFit experience. So sign up for a class today. You won’t believe how fun sweating can be.

Certifications: CrossFit Level One, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Powerlifting, USA Weightlifting

Sonia Murray

So Blake was loving CrossFit, but I was hesitant to even try a class because it was one more monthly expense. Then our home box in Sparks, NV started a 10AM class and the evitable happened…After one WOD, I was sold and convinced that CrossFit was a quality of life expense. I began to feel stronger and healthier every day.

Blake and I usually didn’t work out at the same time but we found ourselves discussing the workout at the end of each day. It became a fun conversation about the same workout we had experienced that day. What was your time? How much weight? Who was in your class? Was that a new PR? Sometimes the experience of the WOD was as simple as…”I couldn’t even drive, I just sat in the car for a few minutes.”

Growing up, I tried the dance classes (I do love Zumba now!) and music lessons but quickly learned that I wasn’t meant for those talents. I belonged on the sports field; playing softball, tennis, volleyball and soccer.

CrossFit filled a void that I longed for years since not playing a sport competitively. I truly believe that CrossFit is for everyone and want to give all the chance to let CrossFit into their lives. So Blake and I decided to leave our home of nine years in Sparks, Nevada and move closer to family. Our three boys were excited to live close to cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. A CrossFit venture was our way back to my hometown of St.Charles, IL. Since we met in MBA school, Blake and I have worked together on different business ventures. Flatlander Fitness is an opportunity to utilize our business and athletic backgrounds; two things that we are both passionate about.

Certifications: CrossFit Level One, FuBarbell

Robert Maldonado

I grew up in West Chicago, my whole childhood I lived an active lifestyle. Playing sports like soccer and football helped me stay somewhat in shape during my adolescent years. I graduated in 2012 and from there on out I lost every inch towards fitness I had ever gained…Eating everything in sight from pizza to chocolate covered sugar cookies. About 20 lbs heavier and, possibly in the worst shape of my life, I knew I had to turn things around.

A couple months into the year of 2014, I decided to sign up with a personal trainer. At this point, I had already been working out for a couple months at a commercial gym; however I just couldn’t seem to get any momentum on my own. Going to the gym seemed boring and I started to dread it. I was tired of doing chest and triceps then back and biceps. After a couple of weeks with my personal trainer, I saw some good results but more importantly I saw someone who wanted to help me out. His name is Ryan Shriver, and he is also a coach here at CrossFit 333. Ryan told me about CrossFit and how it was cheaper than paying him so I tagged along one morning to give it a shot.

After my first CrossFit class I was very humbled. Working out was fun again! I fell in love with the methodology of CrossFit. From benchmark WODS to 1 rep max lifts to test your progress in fitness. In CrossFit, we record our workouts to for the purpose of seeing improvements. After doing CrossFit for a year, Blake asked me if I was interested in coaching. Soon after I got my CrossFit Level One Certification and joined the team to help our members achieve their goals. CrossFit 333 has helped me and many others live a healthier lifestyle. So quit waiting and stop by one of our classes!

Certifications: CrossFit Level One

Ryan Shriver

I began my journey into the world of CrossFit on my 24th birthday. At the time I was a personal trainer at a commercial gym, and was growing tired of my monotonous exercise routines. I kept hearing people talk about CrossFit and I developed an interest in this new fitness regiment that seemed to be sweeping the industry. My brother joined CrossFit 333 a couple months before I did and he introduced me to the gym at a Saturday partner WOD. I thoroughly enjoyed the workout and it was not long after that I decided I would give myself a gift and become a member. I cashed my only savings bond and used it to pay for my first month’s membership.

The first couple of months at CrossFit 333 were very humbling. I was a three-sport athlete all my life and I continued to stay physically active through college. I completed a half and full marathon during my undergrad and nationally qualified as a bodybuilder in 2014. I had myself convinced that my level of strength and conditioning was outstanding. I quickly realized that there was much I was lacking in my workout program. In a little over a year of participating in CrossFit, I have seen immense increases in my strength numbers. In addition, my gymnastics movements have become more efficient and I have gained a greater proficiency in the Olympic lifts.

I have always had a passion for fitness and love to share this passion with others. Blake saw this, and after a few months, approached me to see if I would be interested in coaching at our gym. I excitedly accepted and have enjoyed every minute since. The community atmosphere at CrossFit 333 is always encouraging and is a great place to foster stronger, fitter, more physically resilient individuals. As a coach, I hope to safely help our members achieve a higher level of fitness that will benefit them both inside and outside the gym.

Becky Litwicki

When I was five, I set my heart on playing on my high school basketball team. I worked out for years in the weight room and on the court to earn a starting spot and a scholarship to Northern Illinois University for four intense years of basketball. I loved being part of a team and working out for so long. However, when my college days ended, I was completely unmotivated to workout even though I knew all the benefits.

I was fortunate to meet Sonia and her sister at a bootcamp class right before CrossFit 333 opened. I gave a try and was hooked from the start. I remember being so excited that I had finally found the team-like atmosphere and workouts I had been missing so much.

After about a year of doing several CrossFit classes each week, I needed to change up my workouts and take things slower for health reasons. That’s when I became hooked on yoga. I then practiced yoga several times a week while staying in touch with the CrossFit community. After completing my 200 hr Hatha yoga apprenticeship in January 2017, I started offering yoga at Flatlander Fitness.

I used to think yoga was only about stretching and being “zenned out” – which are definitely benefits. But, it’s also a playful way to live in the present moment, realize our immense potential, live more open-heartedly, practice patience, be our authentic self, and more.

The classes I teach at Flatlander Fitness are specifically designed to emphasize mobility, breathwork, and mind-body awareness.

Vinny Comerford

I’m originally from Ireland but moved over here about 11 years ago. I spent 6 years in New Mexico and been in the Chicago land area for 5 years now.

I’ve grown up playing team sports since I was a wee lad. (Irish hurling and football – check it out on YouTube – It’s a bit mad!)

I’ve always disliked the traditional gym environment because of the absence of human interactivity, no shared cause, or no common uniting goal.

(That’s just me I guess. I believe in achieving-together, and need a community that shares a similar philosophy)

I’ve been crossfitting for about 4 years now. It fits with the “team sport” aspect that I loved so much growing up. I love the benchmarking system and how’s it’s used to sow personal progress and growth. I love how you can pick & choose how you want to approach an activity every day depending on your abilities and how you feel. I love that you set your pace and choose to make it a competition with yourself or others.

However, the part I love most of all is the unconditional support and positive encouragement you receive from your community.

Our 333 community holds each other accountable for doing our best every time we show up at the gym. And I don’t mean the “pushing to the max” bit you hear about all the time – (that has always turned me off)

I mean our community recognizes the personal abilities, challenges, obstacles, limit and ambitions each and every one of our members, at an individual level. We identify with the personal challenges you have overcome just to be here.

We create a safe, fun, educational environment where it’s easy to ask questions, and develop at a pace you are comfortable with. We help people get better at whatever it is they want to get better at.

Kimmy Nasti

I love all animals…dogs, pigs, horses, oh my! Neature is pretty neat too!

Matt Gibson

In March of 2013 I weighed in at 288 lbs. I had spent several years without any notable physical activity after having played sports year round up until high school. I was now in grad school working on my Master’s degree and decided it was finally time to put some action to all my words about making changes. I started working with a personal trainer and got myself back into a gym. I also overhauled my diet and went about losing just over 90 pounds over the course of 11 months. About 8 months in to my weight loss journey my personal trainer moved away and I was in need of something to keep me motivated to make my way to the gym on a consistent basis, which was beginning drop off.

I had heard a lot about CrossFit from various places and wanted to give it a shot. I e-mailed Sonia and Blake to set up a trial class. My first workout consisted of wall balls and toes-to-bars which was a rough effort for a first workout. Despite the difficulty of the workout I knew halfway through that I would be signing up for a membership before the end of the night. The members of the gym were incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the course of my first few months and continue to be like a family over a year later. I started out attending 3 classes a week and ended up working up to having to force myself to take days off. I also noticed that I became less focused on the number on the scale and more focused on more important markers of improving fitness. I found myself diving in to all the disciplines that CrossFit uses, especially Olympic weightlifting. I started developing an interest in coaching and developing programming after starting to program my own extra workouts.

The next step for me in CrossFit was getting my Level 1 Trainer credential to expand my knowledge of how to coach individuals of all levels to ensure proper movement and to reach their individual goals.

Certifications: CrossFit Level One

Vetalik Lord

I serve as an officer in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Throughout my life I have been in fairly good shape, however after attending Officer Candidate School it brought to light that there are many aspects where I struggle physically. OCS training was designed to push your body to its limits and almost daily all of us were reaching our physical ability’s threshold. After OCS I had a little over a year to get in better shape for The Basic School. I knew the training there would be just as rigorous so I decided to try something new.

I heard about Crossfit from a friend who had joined CrossFit 333 and decided to give it a shot. Initially I only planned on staying a month or two to get the gist of what this workout was and then continue it on my own but from day one I was hooked. The WODs were tough, the people were great and the motivation to keep coming back was unreal. I had worked out at CrossFit 333 for roughly 6 months before going to The Basic School. Though the training there was extremely difficult, I was able to pass and excel at all events. The only reason for this is because CrossFit 333’s coaches had physically prepared me. Now that the training is complete I continue to try and improve myself. There is no better place to improve yourself physically than CrossFit 333. I am grateful for the opportunity to work as a coaching intern at the gym and hope to learn a lot, as well as bring some military training knowledge to the table.

Chad Mund

As my 40th birthday neared, I realized that the demands of fatherhood and the modern day workweek had eroded my once robust physique to something else, something that would best be described as a slender marshmallow.

Gone were the days of my youth, the days spent exploring rugged mountains and wrangling the resident beasts of a 1980’s Texas cattle ranch.

Gone were the days of High School Football and College Track and Field.

I held on to any athletic prowess that still remained by engaging in the early days of Adventure Racing. I tried to rekindle the spark with early morning NASA Boot Camp workouts. These activities served their purpose, but something was still missing. What about NEW skills? What about Handstand Push Ups? What about Muscle Ups on gymnastics rings? Are these bucket list items still within my grasp even after the matured age of 40?

Then CrossFit 333 opened their doors.

Certifications: CrossFit Level One, CrossFit Gymnastics

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