Date: Thursday, May 9th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: 8 Minutes Rope Climbs / Seated Sled Pull

Try to complete min, 5 reps. At any progression.

Sled pull

4 rope pull ups = 1 rep

Rope climb half way X 2 =1 rep

Rope climb


Weighted (Vest)

L Sit

Strength: Push Press 3-3-3-3-3 Increasing

Super Set: Ankle Rocker Presses 5 each side (2 sec hold with heel to the ground)

Conditioning: “long view”


10 butterfly Sit-ups

10 DB rows 15/30/45

100M sprint

Guide: 5-9 rounds

Scale up:

10 T2B

Coaching Notes: Butterfly sit ups with no abmat, Keep the heels together and swing your arms to help propel you to the finished position. No thrusting of the hip or chest on the DB rows, keep them as strict as possible. Encouraged to break them up as needed to maintain good form. Keep the chest facing the floor throughout the movement.

Cash Out: 4 min max cals AAB

HYP: 3 sets

12 arnold press

15 lateral raises