Shot Caller

Saturday – November 4, 2017 – 171104
Context: Practice – Breathing and bracing during the deadlifts, hollow rocks, and during metcons
Dynamic Warm Up Option: 5,4,3,2,1 with an empty bar: Jefferson curl, front squat, shoulder press, good morning, back squat.
Mobility: Hip
Skill Practice Warm Up: 30s on, 30s off of hollow rocks for 4 rounds.
Strength: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 Deadlift (7 sets of 2 reps, increase weight with each set)
Super Set: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 weighted strict pull up or progression
Metabolic Conditioning: “Shot Caller”
For Time, 3 rounds
12 deadlifts (Health: 85lb / Athletic: 125lb* / Performance: 185lb)
24 wall ball (Health: 10lb/8ft, Athletic:14lb/9ft*, Performance: 20lb/10ft)
*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)
Scaling Guide: 4 – 8 min, about 2 min per round. Scale Up: 225/155lb barbell (it should be about 55-70% of your max).
Compare to: December 11, 2016
Coaching Tips: Do the first round of deadlifts in as few sets as possible (unbroken if you can). Pace the first round of wall ball so you can do the next set of deadlifts at a good pace, but break these up to have great form (consider fast singles). Push the pace on the second round of wall ball. Make sure you use a good wrist flip to get the ball up to the target as efficiently as possible. Keep the elbows close to the body and hold the ball at the bottom versus the sides. Squeezing the ball at the sides wastes energy and makes the ball lower at the release requiring more energy to get it up. Go for broke on the last round of wall balls!
Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 15 push ups, 100m sprint, 4 rounds OR 3 sets of 12 Bulgarian split squats in a super set with 12 neutral grip pull ups
“By the Numbers” Book References: Deadlift p. 151, Wall Ball p. 430