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This is essential to knowing what you are putting in to your body. Sadly, we can’t trust everything on store shelves. Here are some tips for making label reading a little more clear:
1. Focus more on the ingredient list than the calorie count. (Certain foods, like coconut oil, provide a large amount of calories but also a tremendous amount of essential nutrients.)
2. The fewer the ingredients listed, the better. (Keep it simple.)

3. If you can’t read a word in the ingredient list, choose a different product.

4. Foods on the ingredient label are listed in order of quantity. (Choose items with quality, minimally processed ingredients first.)

5. Avoid foods with strong marketing on the package. (Low-fat, sugar-free, and enriched all indicate the food has been highly processed and likely contains chemical additives to help the food taste good again.)

6. Choose Non-GMO Project items.