What is hydrostatic body fat testing?

Hydrostatic body fat testing, or underwater weighing, is the immersion of the body in water to get the most precise measurement of body fat percentage. Based on the Archimedes principle, hydrostatic testing is a more exact measurement because bone, muscle and connective tissue, known as lean mass, sinks while body fat floats, giving you a more accurate measurement than with traditional body fat testing methods.

Why should I take this test?

Traditional scale weight cannot determine how much muscle (lean mass) or fat mass you have. When working out, especially with weight training, a traditional scale may not show the kinds of results that you might be expecting. This can be caused by muscle gain and fat loss cancelling each other out. A body fat test can show your progress much more effectively and realistically. You’ll be able to track how much muscle you’ve gained and how much fat you’ve lost

What can I expect when doing the body fat test?

The hydrostatic body fat test is done in a three-foot by seven-foot tank of water with a constant full filtration system. The water is kept at approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so it should feel very comfortable. Your “dry” weight will be measured before you enter the tank. Inside the tank is a scale for measuring your underwater weight. You will enter the tank onto the scale and at your own pace will then exhale all the air from your body so that you sink towards the bottom of the tank, completely submerging your body in the water for approximately 5 seconds. This is usually done between three and five times to ensure an accurate test result. Hydrostatic testing for body fat is more accurate than other methods, including skin fold calipers or electronic devices (bioelectrical impedance) and has the reputation of being the best and most accurate method. It has been considered the ‘Gold Standard’ for testing methods of body fat.

How do I prepare for test?

Testing requires that you have fasted (no food or water) and have refrained from exercise for at least 4-6 hours prior to the body composition analysis   Additionally, no gassy foods, beans, legumes, etc 24 hours prior to testing. You should also refrain from using any skin lotions or creams. Do not wear any jewelry. Wear spandex/lycra shorts or lightweight swim suit/sports bra.


$100 for 2 tests, basically a before and after.  The after date can be set with your Coach for Life along with your goals to that you are working on.

$65 for one test ala carte.