Date: Wednesday, April 17th

Warm-Up: coaches choice

Skill: complete 4 sets of :20-:30 holds out of the following options:

:Hollow hold

:Hanging L-sit

:parallette L-sit

Strength: Warm up to 50% of Deadlift max then perform 5 Deadlifts every 90 seconds for 9 Minutes

Super Set: 10 plank down & ups (hand to forearm= 1 rep)

Conditioning: “Ho Down”

4 rounds

12 DB hang snatch alt every rep (15/30/45)

3 X KB Farmer Carry Down 20ft, Back 20ft (26/35/53)

5 X Shuttle Run Down 20ft, Back 20ft (No line touch)

Guide: 6-10 min

Roughly 2min /Round

Scale up:

50/60lbs DB

70lbs Farmer Carry

Cashout: 2 Rounds: 150 Singles / 45sec wall sit

HPT: 3 Rounds: Barbell Curls 8-12 Reps / BW Reverse Hyper

Coaching Notes: Start with a muscle snatch and as you fatigue, start to drop into a power snatch. Remember to go straight to lockout and fully stand on the snatch. Keep an upright torso with your shoulders pulled back on the carry. Get a good grip of the KBs by wrapping your fingers all the way through, having your knuckles face the floor. Push hard on the shuttle run. It’s a short workout so keep the power output high!