Date: Tuesday, June 11th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: none

Strength:  Bench Press: Work to a 1RM (Allow 20 to 25 minutes)

*Perform 3 x10 drop sets at 50% if you finish early

Super Set: None, Spot your partner

Conditioning: “Ground Swell”

:45 on :15 off for 15 min (3 Rounds)

1) Cal Row

2) DB Push Press 15/30/45

3) Strict Hanging knee raise

4) Cal Bike

5) Push ups H: From knee

Guide: Keep consistent numbers across 3 rounds

Scale up: Hand release push-ups and strict T2B

Coaching Notes:

Strength: Make sure to have a spotter on the bench press. Take moderate jumps as you work your way up and rest as needed on your last few sets. We should have plenty of time to complete around 4 -7 sets of 1 rep.

Conditioning: Begin at any station and rotate in numerical order.  Row with a quicker stroke than normal, as the work is relatively short. Keep the power output high. Keep the hanging knee raise strict by staying in a hollow position.

Cash Out: Stretch upper body, chest and arms 5 min

HPT: none