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Flatlander’s group fitness class is were the magic happens! Our professional programming combines cardiovascular workouts and strength training.  While the strength and conditioning are important, let’s not forget about mobilizing…we strive to make our bodies happy!

We created the secret to fun while achieving results.  We want to set you up for long term success; our intro process, group training, coach follow-up and our community each play a role in the circle of success.  All new members start with personal one-on-one introduction of the movements, which will give you the foundation to safely join group training.

Get started by first signing up for a Free Class where our personal coach will walk you through the class and be with you to answer any questions.  Then your personal coach will do Personal Fundamental Training Sessions with you prior to group training.

We’d love to have you try a free class with us. No matter your fitness level or prior experience, we are your gym and will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Select a class below:

Arrive 30 minutes prior to class. A coach will sit with you and discuss your fitness goals, as well as give you a tour of our facility. Make sure to drink plenty of water and have a good night sleep before your workout.

be fit. be healthy. be happy.
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