Date: Wednesday, August 14

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: 3 sets – alternating between A1 and A2  

A1) L-sit any progression :30 hold 

A2) Farmer carry 200ft w/ DBs 

Strength: none

Super Set: none

Conditioning:“Flying Lizzie”

3x Every 8 Minutes

200/300/400M Run

21 Russian KBS 26/35/53

12 Pull-Ups/Ring Rows 

200/300/400M Run  

21 Russian KBS 26/35/53

12 Pull-Ups/Ring Rows 

*Record total working time

Guide: Rest about 1-2 min between EMOMs

Scale up: C2B Pull ups 

Coaching Notes: Skill; pick a L-sit progression that you can do unbroken, walk in a controlled fashion with your shoulders tucked back on the farmer carry. This is the gyms runway. 

Conditioning; Pick weights and progressions that will allow you to move quickly and effectively through the work. This is a version of “Helen” for those who’d like to compare. Volume will be high so by nature the resistance must be lower. DO not tear your hands. RIng rows/ Supine Ring rows if you feel like you are close to tearing your hands. Expect to rest about 1-2 min between EMOMs

Cash Out: Foam roll 

HPT: 100 banded pull downs