Flatlander Athletics Intramural Open 2017

Flatlander Athletics Intramural Open 2017

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide CrossFit competition, but let’s bring that buzz to our home gym and have some Fun!
Our goal at Flatlander Athletes is to build a strong, supportive community.
We all enjoy a good workout so why not build on the Open workouts and have some fun during those 5 weeks. Can we bring that worldwide thrill home? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks?  We think so!
During the 5 weeks of the Open, we’re going to have four intramural teams competing.  And you’re going to be on one of them.

The Four Intramural teams don’t have names yet. But their Fun Captains have been chosen.  We want you to sign up this year; are you really going to say no? I don’t think so because you will miss out on the FUN.  Here is the overview of the Intramural Open.

Registration for the Flatlander Intramural Open tournament is $33. Sign-up on the sheet at the gym front desk.  The registration fee will include your entry, a custom 2017 Intramural Open shirt, Friday night party on the 5th week, and winning teams prize. (Don’t forget to indicate your shirt size on the sheet.)  Registration ends Monday, February 6th.


Intramural Teams will be selected by pulling names out of a hat.  Once the teams have been made, the team captains will contact you to welcome you to their team.


1.) +1 Point per week per member – Attendance: every member of a team that completes the Open workout each week earns one point.
2.) +1 Point per week per top 3 finishers: every male AND female member who places among the top 3 at Flatlander for each workout gets an extra point for their team. Also, the top 3 scaled athlete scores AND the top 3 RX athlete scores will count.
3.) +1 Point per week per member – Weekly Challenge: every member of a team that participates in the weekly challenge earns one point per week.  Weekly Challenge details to be released soon.  (Picture/Video posted on our FB page as proof with CrossFit333/Flatlander Athletics and team members tagged).
4.) +8 Points (team) BONUS – Team Bonding: If your team gets together socially outside of the gym (75% of you – Picture posted on our FB page as proof with CrossFit333/Flatlander Athletics and team members tagged)…you get points. This is a one time bonus. It can be done at any point during the 5 weeks.

Athletes competing in the Intramural Open will have only four days to complete each workout. The workouts are released on Thursday nights at 8pm and then we throw down all day on Friday, starting February 24th. ALL classes on Friday will be programmed for this workout. You can come morning, noon or night.  We will also have Open Gym on Saturday morning for those who cannot complete the workout on Friday.  The first workout will be announced Thursday, February 23rd.


The top team will earn a GRAND prize. Details released soon!

Our focus is on FUN. We want participation because it will make you fitter, and it will get you high-fives and you’ll be happy and love life more and glow and stuff.
Register at the gym, and let’s start this party!
***IF you want to see how you stack up against the WORLD, you need to go to https://games.crossfit.com/ to register.
Our adaptation was taken from: http://cummingstrengthandfitness.com/csf-intramural-openthe-intramural-open-2016/