Date: Wednesday, June 5th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: Tabata Crunches

Strength: 3 sets: Max effort bar hang

Rest :90 between efforts

Conditioning: “Fire Fly”

:30/:30 Work/Rest Intervals for 30 Minutes. 

Start at any station – Work in numerical order and rest every 5th minute.

  1. Sled Push 45/90/135
  2. Banded Rows
  3. Goblet Squats 26/35/53 H – Air Squats
  4. Hollow Rocks H – Hollow Hold or Crunch Hold
  5. Rest

Guide: work

Scale up:

Sled 135/180

70lbs kb

Weighted hollow rocks 10lbs

Coaching Notes:  On the sled push, focus on taking BIG steps, use the back foot to help propel you forward as you gain momentum. For the whole workout, keep a number in your head of what rep scheme you can maintain across all 6 rounds. FYI, the rest will seem shorter after the first few rounds.

Cash Out: 3x Bike .5 mile / 12 sit ups

HPT: 3x

10L/10R Banded tricep ext

12 hip ext.
15 lateral raises