“Emotional Leftovers”

As we go through the holiday season, most of you will probably eat foods and drink drinks that your body isn’t used to processing (especially in quantity), and more than likely you aren’t going to get the best sleep because of it (especially if you had more than your usual amount of booze). You will not be feeling your best. You may even have some flu-like symptoms during and after your workout because your body is dealing with a lot of inflammation that it isn’t used to.

There is also going to be a large contingent of you coming to the gym and ‘guilt exercising’.

Don’t let yourself go down that mental path.

Do not beat yourself up for eating copious amounts of tasty foods on a holiday. Whether eating to the extreme because it was all of your favorite foods, eating because you dislike your relatives, or even eating because you are trying to ‘fill a hole’ inside of you… what’s past is past. There is no benefit to punishing yourself (physically or emotionally) the day after indulging.

The day or two after, everyone gets a ‘gold star’ just for showing up at the gym. Just show up and go through the motions. You may surprise yourself and have a good day… or you may have to slow down and back off because of how sick you feel. Either way you are a winner just coming in and doing work.

If you feel the need to try and undo all of the “bad” that happened yesterday, you may need to rethink your attitude. Your mental stance should be to revel in the good food that you ate and be proud that you came in at all (then try to keep the streak running and stick to your regular training schedule through the holidays).

Come into the gym, see some friends and get your sweat on. “Punch the clock” as it were.

Leave any ‘emotional leftovers’ at home.

Thrive on.-jj

Fit For Life.

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