Date: Thursday, May 23

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill: air squat tabata

4 rounds  :20 / :10

Strength: 10 minutes to work to 1 heavy  Behind the Neck Thruster.

Super Set: none

Conditioning: Dumbbell “DT”

For TIme: 5 rounds

12 Dumbbell deadlifts 15/30/45

9 Dumbbell hang clean (Same)

6 Dumbbell push press (Same)

Guide: 10-16 min

Scale up: none  

Coaching Notes: This is a grip heavy workout, for strategic reasoning, if you are going to break it up and rest, do so 1 rep before finishing the set. For ex; 11 deadlifts, rest, then 1 deadlift into the DB hang clean, so on and so forth. Thatll help eliminate any extra work you may not need to do. If you are sore from yesterday, grab a light pair of dumbbells and get some blood flow.

Cash Out: Foam roll posterior.

HPT: none