Done w/ Bootcamp, not what?!

So you’ve finished a Bootcamp (or two) now what?!

Bootcamp style training is a great way to get back on the fitness wagon. It is really great to see how many people get great results after a 6 week ‘challenge’!

But just like the Bootcamps in the military… they are designed to have a start and a finish. Our servicemen and servicewomen don’t keep doing Bootcamps over and over to get farther in their career!

Bootcamps work well because of the commitment to a consistent schedule, simple movements, and getting to know the other people in the class with you.  The good ones usually cram a ton of great content, and lifestyle/diet habits, for people to try so they can see some serious results.

This method is great for 6 weeks or so, because all of that effort can only be sustained for a short period of time. Real life change happens when we create habits that stick, and that make our lives easier (not harder because of all of the ‘rules’).

After ‘Graduation’

After your Bootcamp is over, the best thing you can do is stick to the things that give you the best ‘return on investment’.

  • Small dietary habits that have a big impact.
  • A training routine you can stick to (3x per week, plus a hobby or outdoor activity, etc.)
  • Friends you can exercise with and help you stay accountable.

Sometimes, even these things can slip away pretty quickly after the end of the classes. Or, after doing 2 or 3 Bootcamps in a row, the results aren’t coming anymore and the boredom  starts to set in…

Maybe it is time to try something different. Maybe you need a bit more guidance on what to ‘tweak’ to get better results. Maybe you’ve gotten a few injuries that aren’t getting better. Or even, maybe you need to be challenged more!

Let’s Get Personal

We’ve found the best way to keep making gains over the long term is to work directly with a coach. Someone who has worked with 100s of people like you, and knows how to get you the results you need in the fastest way possible.

Fitness and health is a very personal journey, but you do not have to do it alone. Find a good personal trainer or coach to help you make sure you aren’t spinning your wheels!

If you are near us, we’d love to see if you are a match for one of our Coaches. We sit down with everyone to develop a customized program to help people succeed, no matter where they are starting at.

If you aren’t near us, look for a gym that does personal training and group classes. Interview trainers/coaches to make sure it is someone that you are going to want to work with.

Don’t let your hard earned gains go to waste, and re-consider ‘repeating’ another Bootcamp! It is probably time for you ‘graduate’ and move on to bigger and better things!

Thrive on.-jj

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