Date: Wednesday, May 15
Warm-Up & Mobility: Coaches Choice

Skill: One Minute Row intervals EOMOM for Max Calories – 3 Attempts

Strength: 12 minutes: 40’ weighted Barbell Carries (Back rack, Front rack, Overhead) 4-5 sets increasing weight /set

Super Set: 8 ring rows / supine ring rows 4-5 sets

Conditioning: “devils diamond”

12 devils press 15/30/45 H:G2O
12 Russian twist w/ DB (1 DB, same weight)
100m Farmer carry (2 DBs, same weight)

Guide: 3-5 rounds

Scale up:
35/50 DBs

Coaching Notes: If there was ever a grip heavy workout, this is it. Break up the devils press towards the last few reps to catch your breath and ease your grip. As you come up from the burpee portion step far enough forward/ wide enough that your heels are on the ground, hands on the dbs, and an upright torso. Russian twist, tap one end of the db on either side of your hip while keeping your heels off the ground. Every tap = 1 rep. On the Farmer carry, use this time to walk better than you ever have, abs tight, shoulders pinned back, and DO NOT DROP THE DBs ON THE GROUND OUTSIDE. You may set them down, but do not drop them.

Cash Out: 3 rounds 12 DB lunges and :30 cal row

HYP: 3x DB split squat 6L/6R / :30sec dead hang