CrossFit Tri-cities 60174

CrossFit 333 St. Charles IL 8am wod


For time:

Partnerships of 2 – one is doing movement other is holding specific movement

75 pull-ups, one person works/other holds in the bottom of a squat

75 front rack lunges 95/65, one person works/other holds a hollow rock

75 power cleans 95/65, one person works/other active shoulder hang

75 front squat 95/65, one person works/other holds a plank

1200 meter row, 200 each partner, one works/other rests

WOD – 10AM

20 minute AMRAP

Teams of 3

1. 250 meter row

2. Rests and tallies partner push-ups and wall ball

3. 5 push-ups then 10 wall balls

The team rotates when the teammate completes the 250 meter row.  Position 3, always start where the teammate before you stopped.

Final score is total of push-up reps, wall ball reps and meters rowed