Date: Monday, July 29th

Warm-Up & Mobility: coaches choice

Skill Warm-up:  2×10 Jones Squats


Wide Stance Box Squat 3RM 

Work to a 3RM in 6-7 sets.  Have spotters in place for every set the barbell cannot be dropped.

Super Set: None 

Conditioning: “Cookie Crumble”

Not for time:


Band Resisted Russian KBS 26/35/53

Goblet Reverse Lunges Split Reps each leg (Same)

Russian Twist with plate 32-28-24-20-16-12-8

Guide: just get it done

Scale up: 53/70 kb 

Coaching Notes: 

Strength; Wide stance back squat will require a bigger hinge than your traditional stance. While performing the movement, keep your back braced, and heels on the ground. Once you come down to the box pause for a second before standing. No bouncing off the box. The box height should be set to allow for a parallel squat, if not just above that. Once you start your working sets have a spotter, as you are not allowed to bail.

Conditioning; When setting up, start with your feet just outside shoulder with standing over a small band, wrap the band in between your hand and the handle, not on the side of the thumb. While performing the KBS, keep the kb high close to the hips as you bring the kb in on every rep. Alternate legs on the reverse lunges and take a step big enough to get the back knee just behind the hip. 

Cash Out: 3x 20 cal row + 1 min plank