Middle & High School Athletes

Middle & high school ATHLETEs

For most of us there are no shortcuts to success.  Hard work in the gym produces winners in the athletic arena.  Our program is designed to improve the strength and athletic performance for those willing to invest the time and energy in themselves.

Strength, Stamina, Flexibility and Cardiovascular Capacity are all highly trainable and significant improvements can occur at all ages with the proper training program.  Each class will include aspects of the following:

  • Speed – Running mechanics and agility
  • Power – Strength training and plyometrics
  • Conditioning – Proper conditioning to improve work capacity
  • Flexibility – Increasing joint and muscle strength and durability

We want our athletes to get the most out of their training at Flatlander Fitness, so everyone starts with one-on-one fundamental training with their personal Coach for Success.  The fundamental training insures the you are learning the proper technique prior to increasing the intensity of your workouts. Flatlander Fitness training creates a well rounded athlete, ready to be the best of the field and outlast their competition.  Your Coach for Success will train you in the fundamentals and then follow your success once you join group training.

Fundamental sessions are $65 per 60-minutes.

Group Strength & Conditioning training is $189 per month.

To get started sign-up for a complimentary intro session and meet with your Coach for Success.  Fill out the form and we will be in contact.

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