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5 Day Gentle Cleanse

This past week, I decided I needed a bit of a reset. My body had been holding on to some excess fat for a while and although I made modifications to what I ate, when I ate, and the intensity of my workouts, I couldn't seem to shed the excess. After my acupuncturist [...]

The Facial Oil Cleansing Method

Up for trying something new? Put back your facial cleanser and tun your faucet on to very warm. Instead of cleansers, massage your face with oils today and let them nourish your skin. Then, wet a washcloth with very warm water and gently wipe your face to remove the oil. Here's How the [...]

Do you have a friend or family member who wants to join but is too scared?

Do you have a friend or family member who wants to join but is too scared? If I had a penny for the number of times a client has gotten my hopes up by saying, “I have a friend who wants to join,” (yet that friend, or sister or husband [...]

Is Your Salt Intake Too Much Or Not Enough?

Have you recently asked someone to pass you the salt? If you’re like a majority of Americans, then it’s highly likely that you consume about double the standard amount of sodium you should in a day. Much of the excess sodium we consume comes from our dependence on processed foods [...]

Pranayama – Breathing To Control Your Life Force Energy

Control Your Life Force Energy Prana is known as life force energy and yama means control. Pranayama therefore are practices that can be done to control the life force energy in your body. Several of these practices are done using the breath. Although prana is not the breath, breath is [...]

Would You Put Butter In Your Coffee? Try This Bio Hack!

For many people, the thought of putting butter in their morning coffee sounds crazy and/or potentially dangerous. The truth of the matter is, not all butters are created equal and there are some that are not bad for you. As a matter of fact, unsalted, grass fed butter is a [...]

Why It’s Worth Paying More For Organic Coffee

Organic products have become more mainstream over the past several years. In our last article, we talked about the importance of detoxing the body and supporting the liver with that process. Choosing organic is fantastic way to minimize the stress from pesticides and other toxins that are usually prevalent in [...]

3 Awesome Foods That Help You Detox Daily

The liver is undoubtedly one the body's most important organs. It is tasked with helping keep our metabolism in check, supporting our immune system, assuring proper digestion, and also making sure we are detoxifying as efficiently as possible. Through our own habits and merely living in the world around us, [...]

Why Intermittent Fasting Is Becoming More Popular

Changing your diet (what you eat) can be a very beneficial way to lose weight, if you make the right dietary changes. However, the traditional calorie-restrictive diets don't usually work for most people. It is important for people to remember that there is more than one day to diet. One method [...]

Fall Foods That Are Ideal For Athletes

The bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables that come with the arrival of fall is a good reason to rethink your diet as an athlete. You might be fed up of having the same lunch day after day for all this time. And if you are, you're likely missing out [...]