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Lose 20-40lb in 15 minutes!?

Lose 20-40lb in 15 minutes!? Pure ‘Weight Loss’ is almost never the goal. What if I told you, that I know of a way for you to lose 20-40lbs in about 15 minutes, the weight loss would be more than permanent, it would be impossible to gain it back? Would [...]

Done w/ Bootcamp, not what?!

So you’ve finished a Bootcamp (or two) now what?! Bootcamp style training is a great way to get back on the fitness wagon. It is really great to see how many people get great results after a 6 week ‘challenge’! But just like the Bootcamps in the military… they are designed [...]

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Body Maintenance Yoga – Thread The Needle Pose

A post shared by Flatlander Fitness 333 (@flatlanderfitness) on Aug 12, 2017 at 8:58am PDT This pose is a great way to open the upper back and lengthen the muscles around the shoulders and in the neck. Since it’s also a twist, it can help refresh the organs in the [...]

Body Maintenance Yoga – Standing Pigeon Pose

A post shared by Flatlander Fitness 333 (@flatlanderfitness) on Aug 5, 2017 at 9:16am PDT It’s time for some Body Maintenance Yoga with @beckylitwicki This standing pigeon pose is a great way to improve balance, mobilize the hips, and build strength in the core and legs. Start by standing with [...]

How To Be The BEST With Bo Eason

After working for 20 years to become the best safety, Bo switched gears to become the best stage performer. He's definitely learned to captivate an audience and even has some good pointers along the way for succeeding as the best at whatever you choose. Click here to watch: How To Be [...]

Do you have an “Appetite of Opportunity”? (Strategies for Eating Out)

One of the key things we know about sustainable good eating habits, is that ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. In this article, I’d like to talk about having a plan for when you are going out to eat. One of the biggest, most telling, tools I use when [...]

The Power of Conscious Choice – Lifebook

You have been blessed with the power to choose. Every living, breathing moment, you are making a choice. What to eat, how to move, how to react, how to breathe, what information to consume, what desires to indulge, how much to work, how much to play, who to connect with, [...]

Some Clarification About Coconut Oil And The AHA Reports

You may have seen the recent reports from the American Heart Association once again claiming saturated fats are bad and that they should be replaced with vegetable oils. This article from Dave Asprey is super thorough and does a great job shedding light on what several studies are actually showing. [...]

Need to sweat?

Start with the Basics The first steps to changing our body compositions has to do with routine and habits. Creating a consistent gym routine, building habits to prevent poor food choices, and getting enough sleep are all the first steps to getting us closer to the body we are proud [...]