Date: Thursday, May 16th

Warm-Up & Mobility:  coaches choice

Skill:Pull up progression:

Min 1: :30sec Hollow Hang

Min 2: 10 Scap raises

Min 3: 10 Arch to Hollow

Min 4: 10 Arch to Hollow with pop

Min 5: 5 Arch to hollow + 1-10 Pull ups (Take the Arch to hollow right into the pull-ups)

Min 6: (Same)

**If you DO NOT have a strict pull up, complete on min 5-6, 5 Arch to Hollow + 10 banded STRICT Pull ups with the smallest band possible.

Strength: 10 minutes to  Work to a heavy hip snatch. Start with barbell in the power position.  Extend ankle, knees, and hips and quickly move under the bar.

Super Set: none

Conditioning: “butter churn”

Buy in: Run 1 mile

Then 5 rounds:

10 Pull ups H: banded strict

12 Goblet squat 26/35/53

80 Singles  

Guide: 16-22 min

Scale up: 5 BMU / 53/70lbs kb /40 DU

Coaching Notes: During the conditioning, push yourself a bit on the mile run. There is no rest after it but you will catch your breath after a few rounds. If you care, see where your mile time is averaging today and hopefully we’ll see it improve over the next few months. Your first few rounds should be slightly slower due to fatigue but that doesn’t mean you have a green light to move poorly. Go full range of motion on the pull ups and goblet squats, that means you will have to come down to arms length on the pull up and you must stand up and fully open your hips on the squats. Yes. you can still do those things and move fast. Strange, I know.  

Cash Out:

5 min max cal bike

HYP: 3 sets

10 pendlay rows

12 bicep curls