TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2019 A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Superset of triceps and biceps work – all sets should be challenging but done with perfect form. – Conditioning: Today’s workout will challenge your muscular endurance and ability to sustain rowing intervals. The pace should be much slower [...]


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2019 A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Build to a challenging set of Power Clean + Squat Clean over the course of 6-7 sets. – Conditioning: This workout will challenge your lungs and grip – pick a load you can work without excessive rest and [...]


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2019 A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Conditioning: Today you’ll work in teams of 2 splitting work however desired. Effort should be around 80% for the duration – 2:00 of recovery between each AMRAP. Keep track of all three AMRAPs B) Warm Up (3:00 - 15:00) [...]


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2019 A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Specific Strength: Today we have some option for the HSPU – triceps and delt endurance but also technique work. – Conditioning: Today is a fast-paced test of local endurance and anaerobic capacity. This workout should be sub 10 minutes [...]


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2019 A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Week 2 of our power work with the Front Box Squat. We performed power cleans last week but since we did a hero workout with cleans yesterday we’ll perform plyos with a box jump variation in its place. [...]

9/11 Hero Workout “Glen”

Workout to honor our first responders.  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2019 A) Whiteboard Brief  – Hero WOD: Today is a special hero workout for 9/11. Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, Massachusetts, assigned to a State Department security detail in Benghazi, Libya, died in an attack on a [...]


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2019 A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: All sets of your strength superset should be challenging but executed with perfect form. The Single Arm DB Bench will challenge your rotary stability. – Conditioning: Today’s work is done with a partner completing a full round at [...]


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2019 A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Today we have several variations to train the posterior as well as the anterior chain. We’ll review each movement before we go to work. The focus is: to feel the correct muscles working, get a great pump, and [...]

Frank’s 5k

Saturday, September 7, 2019 The 3rd annual Frank's 5k is on fire. The 5k starts at 8:00 am. Let's run the mile to Frank's house, meet up for a group pic and then finish the loop. Mimosa's and snacks following the 5k at Flatlander. *reminder, this event is in lieu [...]


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH, 2019 A) Whiteboard Brief (0:00 - 3:00) – Strength: Build to a max in the complex of 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk. Make smart jumps in weight and end on a high note. – Conditioning: Today is a test of local muscle-endurance. Break sets before [...]